Iron & Oil Baseball understands athletic competition as a catalyst for a broader impact, both on the players and the communities they call home. Iron & Oil Baseball builds on this understanding to help young people develop physically, socially, and morally. Iron & Oil Baseball: 

  • engages young people in physical activities to promote health and wellness; 
  • emphasizes the connection between team sports and community engagement through community service; and 
  • develops a strong moral code characterized by social awareness and individual responsibility.

Explore the roots of baseball in Western Pennsylvania and Southwest New York with a personal baseball tournament experience. From rivers to hills people worked in oil fields and iron mills to help shape the region and country during the late 1800's. The Iron and Oil Baseball series is essentially connecting the past to the present as we move forward to create even more exciting baseball memories.  

Playing and coaching baseball in the hills of Northwest Pennsylvania can have a lasting impact. Which is why we feel the importance of showcasing the region through ballparks, hot dogs, and communities.

The small communities that make up the region thrived on semi-professional baseball as their summertime entertainment. From New Castle, PA to Olean, NY baseball players excelled at America's Pastime. 

We love baseball, the history of the game and competition. Iron and Oil Baseball will provide these and so much more. 


Showcasing Players, Campuses, Communities and Competition

"Who we are is always dependent on who and what has come before, people and places built by Hanley bricks and the Alleghenies" - Dr. Patrick Manning, 'Antique' is a Verb, from the collection of Western Pennsylvania Reflections


The Mission of iron & oil baseball 

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