The games are about the players and we want to keep it that way. Competitive and small tournaments allow the environment to remain about the players. Iron and Oil Baseball Tournaments will recognize each player through digital programs, public game recaps and weekend awards. The awards honor the baseball legends of the past that paved the way for how the game should be played.

From our experience rivalries among teams are fading. After speaking to a few high level college coaches who feel the same way, we decided to do something about it. Our goal is to restore rivalries by offering 4 game sets at colleges and universities throughout the region. Wait for the same team all weekend long. Study the team to better the outcome.

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Shawn Manning

Iron & Oil League


Easy doesn't win championships! Play a competitive 16 game season for the price of one tournament! 

Rivalry Series

Showcasing Players, Campuses, Communities and Competition

Baseball in Western Pennsylvania and Southwest New York provided an important role in shaping this hardworking region. In the late 1800's a league was formed called the Iron and Oil Base Ball League. It was a semi professional league which consisted of 6 teams and later most cities moved into the Inter-State League encompassing teams from south of I-80 to Buffalo, NY. Our unique approach to tournaments and leagues will be player motivated and competition driven. Most games will be held on beautiful campuses with outstanding facilities and the opportunity for each player to experience the growth of rivalries, player development and begin their next step.  

Western Pennsylvania & southwest new york baseball Tournaments